Recruitment process for the Emirates


How did this all happen??

While doing a research on the darkest corners of the Internet, looking for an interesting job I thought to myself that the airport in Düsseldorf is quite big, so why not to try with some airlines? Initially, I had a job interview with a representative of Delta Air Lines, the work was associated with check-in, that’s why I thought it could be prosaic, or even boring. Then I came across the Emirates. Initially I sent the form with my details and CV, they wrote back to me quite quickly that I’m invited to the Open Day and sent a list of cities and dates.
11/10/15 completely unaware of how an Open Day look like I went to the Maritim Hotel near the airport. I told my boyfriend to wait in the car … and after a short time I called, that he could go back to the house- it turned out that I spent there 8 hours! Now I tell all my friends that accidentally and without any preparation I got a job in one of the largest airlines in the world.

Open Day

There are 2 types of Open Days Emirates: those in which you can just show up and bring your resume and invitation only- for people who have previously received an e-mail with the invitation. On the Emirates website, where there is a list of open days, you can check whether the Open Day in your city is open or invitation only. Mine was a day without invitations, in the hotel were about 50 people interested in working (it seemed to me that it is very much, but I found out that in Warsaw sometimes are even 300 people!). You should appear properly dressed, for men it means a suit for women shirt (preferably white), jacket, knee-lenght skirt, flesh-colored tights and high heels. Why does this matter? Firstly, in the mail with an invitation it was clearly emphasized, secondly recruiter pay attention to your outfit and overall appearance. Remember also that all interwiev is done in English.

A sample list of Open Days:


At the beginning recruiter showed us a presentation about life in Dubai, also noted that people applying for a job must be 21 or older (or have a birthday in a few months to be 21 years of age at the start of the work). Then each of us had a chance to leave our resume and answer a few questions. We set up in the queue, recruiter was watching us very carefully when we approached her table, and when he walked away from her. After looking at my CVs she asked me what am I doing in Germany, and why I decided to move there from Poland. Next, w were divided into two groups- first group started the recruitment process, the other to which I belonged, had to wait. This is a good opportunity to talk with others applicants for the position, I learned many useful information, because it turned out that for some of the people it was 2 or 3 Open Day. Among us were people from different parts of the world-Korean, Dutch, German, Polish. What is worth to remember? You are also judged on the corridor, during conversations with other candidates, the recruiter notes if you are an extravert or an introvert, how you present yourself in everyday situations, or maybe you stand alone and talk with nobody. Some people looked like they were made-to-meassure expectations of the Emirates: dressed like stewardesses with tied hair and red lipstick- compared to them, I felt like I was totally unprepared!


After about an hour of waiting was our turn. We were divided into groups of 3 and recruiter gave us one card on which were the names of various professions. The first task was to discuss in our group 3 characteristics associated with the profession, then a representative of the group had to tell these 3 characteristics to the rest of the people. In my opinion, the whole recruitment process is not about right or wrong answers, just a way of presenting your point of view to the group, way you articulate your opinion and how you discuss problems  with other people in you group and if you are able to argue or polemicize with other opinion. You should also never pretend to be someone that you’re not, the recruiter immediately caught a people who were unnatural. After a brief conversation in a group, we shared with the rest of the people our idea. Then we picked out another card, on which were the names of different objects. These objects we had to associate with the profession that we received previously and describe the relationship to rest of the group. Recruiter pointed out that some of us may be lucky hitting an easy couple and others have to think more about the connection. Our pair was very simple: our profession was a farmer, and the subject was a tomato. I started with ‘we’re the lucky ones!’ and we talked about the obvious things like explaining that farmer can plant tomatoes, but we also talked about new trends like organic crops, and we noted that these features could be used in advertising, we told briefly about the fact that people are now looking for healthy , nutritious products. But in my opinion this what cought the attention was my beginning of discourse , and the farmer and his tomatoes relegated to second place! But imagine if your profession is a baker, and the subject is a parachute. Here you have a little to think about. But try to remember not to get tied up, try to make a joke out of it, the combination of these things does not have to have much sense, it’s important for you to somehow fell into the recruiter’s memory! I forgot that at the beginning we got the numbers, which we stcked to our chests, and after that part, there was a specific moment in which the Recruiter gave us numbers of those who can stay, and the rest, could go back to their homes. It was the most stressful moment. Even though I graduated in psychology, I know how recruitment process looks like- but even so I started to get nervous! OK, I succeeded!

The next task, we did in a group of about 12 people. I consider it to be inventive and related to work on board, where there are also situations in which you must make a similar choices. We were given a card on which was an information: you are the owner of the hotel but you have only 2 free rooms left. Underneath was a list of 10 people, each of them had a legitimate reason to be registered in one of the rooms! There were: a couple on their honeymoon, a business regular customer , the mother of the child and they want to have a room because of the surgery in a local hospital, fashion blogger on a fashion weeku, a respected politician and others. Meanwhile our discussion , Recruiter called our numbers and we had to approach to the wall where the line was drawn, to which we had to reach standing barefoot- line is at a height of 210 cm (which in practice means that you have to be least 165 cm height). Recruiter watched us precisely and after long discussions, we have selected two people. I remember that one of the choices were a couple on their honeymoon because of the emotional nature of this event, but the other person I totally do not remember! But again, this is not the point! What is important is your participation in the discussion and explanation of your choice. Again, Recruiter eliminated some of us, we had a break, and then an English test. In my opinion the test was simple, a lot of reading, some tasks were very intuitive. If you can speak English just a little bit- there will be no problem with passing. After the test, which was attended by both groups, there were twelve of us and we it meant an invitation to the Final Interview!  There was a time to present individually. Remember that if you pass to the  Final but you won’t get a Golden Call, you can not appear at the next Open Days for 6 months! After all day, I was exhausted but also very surprised that I was able to go through all the stages 😊

Final Interview

At home you still need to fill out the online psychometric test, which examines what is more important for you- meeting new people, rapid promotion, for other people to praise your work etc. Final Interview relates to past work experience, Recruiter asks for different situations, positive and negative, and how did you cope with them. And what if you have not worked yet? You can talk about  other situations in your life, or about how you imagine your behavior. I was asked about:
– A situation in which i did something special for the customer (what was it, my motivations, how it ended)
– A difficult situation at work, conflict with another employee (what was the situation, how was it terminated)
– A situation when i had to do something against my superior (why, what was the result)
– Did i have, in my previous work, contact with people from other cultures
From each of these questions I went to additional explanations and that’s why whole conversation lasted for an hour. Although previously I happened to be a recruiter, during this interview I could not quite tell how did I do! At the beginning Recruiter told me that she have to write down my answers, so she won’t always look at me (which does not mean that se is not listening), she also warned me that she will also ask me questions about the details. It’s hard to talk about something to someone who does not look you in the eye, also I had the impression that Recruiter inever understood what I was saying and she  asked me strange questions! But I guess she did it all to stimulate me to explain better and better. And one other thing,  from my experience I know, that when you are at the interview- never lie- recruiter will catch you very quickly when it comes to details of your story! After all I was informed that they will call with a response within 4-6 weeks (how many ?? !!), recruiter walked me to the door, noticing that my coat that I took from the hanger is from a company where I had previously worked- it shows the attention to the details here!

Golden Call



After Final Interview you have to send pictures with yourself dressed formal and informal. After 4 weeks of waiting I lost my hope, they were not calling, and the status on the website did not change … Suddenly, after 6 weeks- JFIP (joining formalities in progress)! That means only Golden Call! They called 1.12! That was the day I realized I was going to Dubai, my career just completely changed and from 50 people who attended the Open Day, they have chosen 3 and I am one of them! 🙂




If you have any additional questions- please do not hesitate to contact me! I am happy to share my experience!

In the next post I will describe what does it mean to move to Dubai and how to prepare for it. If you think that the Golden Call is the end of your stress- it is not- later you have to follow hundreds of papers, have series of painfull vaccinations and fill thousands of documents!