Four months ago most likely you could meet me at the Hilfiger Denim Store in the most beautiful shopping center of Poznan- Old Brewery, where I was the Store Manager. This experience will always be one of the best memories of my life (here greetings to all with whom I had the opportunity to work). I do not know how did it happen that the temporary work during University became an in store management experience, but it seems to me (quite immodestly) that doing it and being 23 years old is not bad but also great responsibility … but it was not it. Life also always turns out to be different than planned. The man with whom you are in a relationship with for couple of years, gets a job as an architect in the RKW Düsseldorf – a city with a name you’ve never heard about before. OK I know Berlin, even the Cologne, which is close, but Düsseldorf? We pack our belongings, we leave behind everything we own (except for the cat – he just goes with us), 8 hours and we’re on the spot!

It turns out that it’s quite not bad city, more modern than Cologne, which is a few dozen kilometers, city area and a number of residents of Düsseldorf is similar to Poznan. What I like most is Medien Hafen – once a river port, now a place where their headquarters and offices have the biggest world companies. Walking along the river towards the Altstadt (old town) misses the Rheinturm (Rhine Tower), from where, on a sunny day, you can even see the cathedral in Cologne. The whole area near the Rhine is beautifully landscaped, lots of trees grow here, you can see bicycle paths, cafes and bars. The city is best to be explored on bike or on foot, nowhere is far away that you need a car or even underground! My favorite place where you can sit on a bench among geese and ducks is Kö-Bogen, a building designed by Studio Libeskind, standing on top of the street Königsalee which is known for its huge amount of luxury shops and a beautiful canal, which flows through its center.

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Suddenly, after 5 years of working 8 hours a day, it turns out that I have a lot of time to get to know the city, people, places, to think about what to do next! Do I want to be hired again in a corporation? What I really would like to do? At the beginning I decide on an intensive German language course and to make friends with my bike, and as a result also with the city! However, Germany is not as bad as I thought, language, which was initially a barrier for me, becomes the connection – and German course – opportunity to meet friends. In the meantime, looking for interesting work, I completely accidentally get on the internet the information about Emirates airlines, send an e-mail, have a respond, I go to the Open Day, it happens to be on the spot, in just a few days. The whole process of recruitment, which might interest a lot of people I will explain later, now some photos of the city, I treat Düsseldorf now as my home, it proved to be also the base from which starts a journey of my life, and it begins for me on 02/05/2016!