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So here we go! I wanted to share with you a short story of a girl from Poznan, who bored with life focused on full-time job decided to go to Düsseldorf, and it turned out that in few weeks she is going to land in Dubai! How did it exactly happen i’m going to tell you in the next post – now I would like to explain why I decided on this form of expression (blog?!?) and how I see it all!
Typical emigrant life – you have less contact with family and loved ones, need to make a lot of pictures, then describe everything hundreds of times, upload, insert, adjust … and if I can do it all here? Tell you what it looks like to:
-work for the largest airlines in the world
-attend trening before flying
-preparation, problems, struggles
And then? Then it’s just countries and cities around the world from the stewardesses point of view! I like good architecture, I know a little bit on cooking, I love fashion and streetstyle too, so if I can give it to you nicely and also have something for myself – the opportunity to collect and catalog my memories – why not? 🏝✈🏙